We are at that time of the year when there is the least light and the days are the shortest.  It is for me a time of inward reflection and formulating my intention for the coming year.  I look at several areas of my life to set intention for change, growth and betterment.  These usually include personal relationships, spiritual growth, my healing practice and continuing my own personal healing.

I look at the last year and evaluate what growth was like for me and how I want to continue the growth and healing into the coming year.  I meditate and ask for guidance and find that I am inspired by my Soul wisdom to engage in processes that I would have never thought of on my own.  So for the upcoming year I will again look at where I have been and where I want to go into the forseeable future.  To have the clear images and depth of feeling of moving and achieving into a higher level of beingness grounded into solid intentions is my goal.

I believe we live in a time where the ability to manifest our intentions is becoming greater.  We do manifest in our lives all the time, but all too often from an unconscious awareness.   It will always serve us better to place mindful, purposeful thought and the power of our emotions into what we really want to manifest in our life and in the world.  By so doing we are able to bring our intentions into reality from a higher, clearer place of Soul intention – rather than by the random thoughts and unsettled emotions of our ego.

This is also the time of the winter solstice which gives us the experience of feeling the loss of light and anticipating the return of longer, light filled days.  At our core we are beings of light and we incarnate to experience how to learn from the variety of ways we can experience and use our light.  It is us as humans who are living in this free will zone that make the choices about how our Source light will be used and by so doing we are the creators of our environment and reality.  Because of this, using our light with purposeful intention takes on even greater, more profound meaning, not just for ourselves, but for all of humanity.  We each have the obligation to use our light for the greatest good.

So as I set intentions for the coming year I will do so with the awareness that I am a being of peace, light and compassion and that my goal is to allow even more of my Soul light to be present as I walk in the world.  Whatever stands in the way I will intend that it will be brought into my awareness to be healed and transformed.  As each one of us sets intentions for the higher good of self and others we move toward the highest of human potential.

There is a sense of peace about whatever the new year will bring when I let go of my ego need to force things into being and to just ask for the desires of my heart and Soul to be made manifest.

In peace……………Margie