Toward the end of each year I sit in meditation and ask what my soul work for the coming year should be.  This blog is actually a result of my soul asking me to write as part of soul expression.  In the fall of 2013 I had several clients that came to see me to do energy work and spontaneously the sessions became deep and profound work in integration.  This happened as I was starting to turn my attention to my soul work for 2014.  As I sat reflecting, I began to see images of doing integration work on a personal, large scale – to find each past life that had anything left to heal. The greater goal to integrate them into wholeness.  I received such profound confirmation that this is what my soul wanted me to do that I dedicated myself to sit and look at my own past life information each week as my soul work for 2014.  So the journey began.  In retrospect, if I had know how big a task I was undertaking I might now have been so eager to embrace this project.

As a regression therapist I have done many trips into soul history for myself and have guided many clients do to the same.  It was clear to me that in each life there are wounds to be healed and rich wisdom to be gained.  So as I started this journey I was seeking not only what remained to be healed, but also to learn the wisdom of each life experience.  I also knew that it would require a “place” outside of our normal time/space reality to be able to invite all aspect of my soul energy to convene.  So I first set out to create this space – but to my wonderment I discovered that all I needed to do was ask and I was taken to the place already prepared for the work.

I find myself transported to an area that I am told is the landing pad.  This landing pad sits just below a hilltop that has a larger structure that it is attached to by a very wide staircase.  As I noticed the stairs, I also saw that there were many beings of light, each  dressed in long white robes, waiting to escort the arriving ones into the larger building.  I didn’t have a clear view of the larger building, only that it seemed Greek in design and was vast.

As I entered into the room I was escorted to, I was aware that the room was large, ornate in design and devoid of furniture with the exception of elegant, lavish cushions placed in a circle on the floor in the middle of the room.  They looked to be  made of the finest silk, very colorful and with intricate designs.  The ceiling looked like the night sky, but from a different angle than from Earth and the floor was made of something that looked like crystal and it had a soft glow shining through it.

I knew that my intention was to bring together all aspects of Soul energy and the lifetimes it has powered for the purpose of healing.  But as I sat in this space I was aware that there will be the sharing of life stories – the lessons learned and the wisdom gained.  By bringing all the various stories together there will be healing, but there will also be the integrating and sharing of all that has been learned and how the Soul energy has been enriched by each one.  We will be able to take in the strength and wisdom of all – and as I sat there with all this in my awareness it felt very empowering.

This is how it began to unfold……….I will be sharing some of these journeys into soul history with you for the remainder of this year in the hopes you too will find value in my experience.  I do so welcome any comments you may have to share about this work.

In peace………..Margie