A Between Lives Soul Regression allows us the opportunity to view our nature as an eternal soul. It takes us to our familiar Soul home. This is the spirit realm of unconditional love, the place that souls go between incarnations to rest, reflect, heal and prepare for the next phase of their journey.

Contained in our soul selves are the memories and awareness of all we are and all we have been. As we reconnect with this high level of soul information we remember our true identity.

Exploring our Soul identity can offer an expanded and profound sense of self that brings greater understanding, healing and integration. There is the opportunity to more fully understand life/soul purpose, get answers to life/soul questions and to heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

We can gain an understanding of the soul’s progress and it’s work to better align our current life with our soul. We can experience the feeling of being surrounded in an atmosphere of pure love and light and to reunite to our soul companions; reminding us that we are never alone. The experience can help deepen our connection to the Divine and be able to bring that connection into our current life. Gaining the knowledge of what occurs from the time of death until our next lifetime, for many, is a healing tool beyond description.

Between Lives Soul Regression, an extension of Past Life Soul Regression was developed by Dr. Michael Newton. Dr. Linda Backman co-founded and taught with Dr. Newton and The Society for Spiritual Regression before establishing her own teaching path at The Ravenheart Center.

Through the process of relaxation, guided imagery and hypnosis the individual is able to access the wholly real world of the time when we are pure soul. Between Lives Soul Regression sessions are approximately 4 hours in length. A voice recording of the information received in the session will be provided to the client. If you have not previously experienced a Past Life Soul Regression, you will need to experience this work prior to the Between Lives Soul Regression session.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of experiencing a guided Between Lives Soul Regression session or are seeking additional information, please contact me for answers to any questions you might have.