Why We Shout In Anger

A Hindu saint who was visiting the river Ganges to take a bath found a group of family members on the banks, shouting in anger at each other. He turned to his disciples smiled and asked: 'Why do people shout in anger at each other?' The disciples thought for a while, one of them said, 'Because when we lose our calm, we shout.' 'But, why should you shout when the other person is just next to you? You can as well tell him what you [...]

Being A Parent

This is the final post for 2012 - a project that I started as part of my spiritual journey for the year.  Once I started in early January I was committed to writing each and every week.  I often did not know what I would write as I sat to compose, but the information would always flow from my soul to fingers to keyboard.  As I look back on the 50+ posts for the year I am aware of the wisdom that can come from [...]

Winter Solstice

This week leads us into the time of year when we experience the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.  Though it is the year's shortest day it also heralds the return of the sun after a prolonged period of darkness.  In the Northern Hemisphere the winter solstice always occurs on or about December 21st and marks the beginning of the winter season.  As we who live in the Northern Hemisphere know, it is the shortest day of the year, featuring the least amount of daylight [...]

Intention With Help

At this time of the year I start a process of reviewing my journey for the past year and begin to identify the specific areas that I want to focus attention for the upcoming year.  This is a part of my spiritual process to continue the forward progress in many areas of my life - I start to look at ways to make changes that will improve myself and my life.  I am called to ask what can I add, delete or change that will [...]

The End & The Beginning

There has been much fuss made about the Mayan calendar and the significance of December 21st this year.  Predictions of calamity, movies showing the end of the world, etc.  All with the theme that great disaster may be soon upon us. But in reality, scholars, scientists and researchers have been studying the calendar and predictions from this culture for many years.  Much has been written that is very enlightening around what the Mayans were actually charting.  A calendar, yes - but so much more.  There [...]


There are times that conditions in life are so difficult that it requires building inner defenses against an outer onslaught.  This usually occurs in relationships that are seriously out of balance and in an effort to protect oneself a defense system is put in place.  This usually includes armoring the heart in order that it not be repeatedly hurt.  It also includes defensive barriers built around the ego to protect it from being harmed or even destroyed.  The outward messages telling us that the world [...]


I have a dear friend who years ago gifted me a small piece of rose quartz with the  word abundance carved into it.  As she gave it to me she said that she was giving it to me not to draw abundance into my life, but rather that I would see the abundance that already existed in my life.  Wise friend. There are many ways to count the abundance in our lives.  In our culture, too often we count our abundance and success by how [...]

Counting Blessings

We are now only one week away from the official holiday where we take the time to pause and give thanks for the many blessings we have in our lives.  So it seems appropriate to spend a few moments in introspection about the things that have the most meaning and make our lives the richest.  By acknowledging the many blessing we have we find that we relegate them to a higher place and meaning and don't run the risk of taking what we are given [...]


The energy that makes up our soul comes from a sacred Source and is gifted to each of us as pure soul energy that at its beginning is still pure potential; not yet imprinted with life experience and enrichment.  We each then become responsible for using this soul energy to learn, grow and become.  We are also responsible for keeping our soul energy in the vibrant, radiant form that it was originally in when gifted to us. As we choose life stories and incarnate into [...]


During the time when I was a young mother with a large family of small children we were relatively poor.  There was no way that there was money for fancy parties or trips to restaurants to celebrate family events.  None the less I have always felt that it is important to celebrate life events as they occur for those who are closest to you and that you love the very most.  So we always celebrated things like birthdays with a small at home children's party [...]

Evolution of Consciousness

We live in times of great crisis all around us - global warming, holes in ozone layers, disappearing rain forests, polluted rivers, dying sea life, large scale famine, a widening gap between the very rich and the very poor, over-exploitation, wars, disease, etc - the list could go on and on.  All of these signs of the times stem in one way or another from human self centered behavior.  Over and over we see decisions being made according to the needs of a few for [...]

Reclaiming Power

Empowerment is the ability to give yourself the authority to think, act and be in whatever way you choose is best for you.  Having personal power is everyone's birthright, but there are many circumstances in life that may detract from our ability to own our power.  Sometimes we are born into family circumstances where being personally empowered is never given to the children as an option.  There are times that by pain inflicted in our lives we give up our power to substances which cause [...]

Guilt & Forgiveness

I have often said that guilt is a useless, wasted emotion - but none the less it clearly is alive and well in the world.  Guilt is not a response to anger - but is the emotional response to our own actions.....or lack of action.  We often heap guilt upon ourselves by judging and blaming ourselves for not doing the most appropriate thing in the moment or for not doing something when it seemed action was needed or required.  We either didn't do something "right" [...]


Mistakes.........we all make them no matter how well intentioned, "wise", learned, old or pragmatic we may be.  In the process of making selections from the myriad of choices that come our way we are bound to once in a while make an error in judgement.  We are, after all, human and subject to making human mistakes. Sometimes the ego gets caught up in wanting the newest, shiniest bauble - even when it doesn't make sense for our lives (buyer's remorse).  Sometimes we allow others to [...]

Put It Down

A friend forwarded to me a brief story about a professor who began his class by holding up a glass with some water in it.  He held it up for all to see and asked his students to estimate the weight of the glass.  There were several responses from his students.  He then asked them what would happen if he held it up for a few minutes - nothing, was the response from his students.  Then he asked, what if I held it up like [...]


Family - a band of characters trudging through life sharing food, toothpaste, bedrooms and the common cold.  They are those that we could borrow clothes and money from, lock each other out of our rooms, tease incessantly, share sled rides with and inflict pain and laughter all at the same time.  They are that group that we were born into that would shape and imprint on us - the group that would be the initial definers for our life journey.  We all have them, we [...]

Giving Service

Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind and our heart to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others.  In giving service we move beyond our personal ego selfishness and into a space that allows for our soul energy of compassion to be shared freely with others.  As we are able to give of ourselves we become truly ethical in our actions with others.  For we are only truly ethical when we obey the compulsion to [...]

Emptiness & Greed

Greed is the outward manifestation of the feeling of a deep emptiness that must be filled by something external.  Greed is the desire to acquire more than one may need and usually stems from being disconnected from our soul energy and information. There are people all over the world who are collecting things to fill their sense of emptiness - I am sure you may know some or have had moments when you too have attempted to fill your emptiness with something or even someone. [...]


Pain is part of the existence of being embodied - part of being human.  Pain is not only felt as a indication of dis-ease in our physical form, but can come also from mental, emotional, energetic, relationship and spiritually root issues.  So as we move through life it is inherently part of the journey to learn how to cope with, learn from and ultimately deal with and heal manifesting pain. It should be duly noted that the human psyche is a pain avoidance system and [...]


Words are the means that we use to express ourselves either orally or in writing.  It is a means of conveying information, feelings, thoughts, ideas, attitudes and opinions.  By themselves words are benign - being neither good or bad.  It is in our intention as we use them that they become more than "just" words.  Words are an expression of our thought and emotional processes and they always reflect the state of mind, character and disposition of the speaker.  As such it becomes vitally important [...]