Power Of Intention

As humanity became more immersed in the societal structures that have become the world environment that we live in today, we progressively became disconnected from the natural world.  We began to view ourselves, somehow, as the users and dispassionate observers of nature - as separate and apart from it.  Ancient traditions knew, understood and lived lives that were not separate from nature, but knew that they were a part of the natural world.  In a world that knows and values such interconnectedness it was impossible [...]

Polarity & Choice

When we come to Earth we know that we will be entering into a denser environment that is filled with duality and opposing forces.  In this environment we know that we will be presented with many opportunities to make choices between options that come to us in varying degrees of vibrational frequencies.  These choices range from the highest, most love and light filled to the lowest most hate, chaos and darkness filled, and everything in between.  For in any circumstance that is presented to us [...]

Power vs Force

In my post last week I spoke about the rise of monotheism and the ensuing male dominant religions and social cultures that arose from it.  It prompted me to think that there were more things to say that are pertinent today.  In this kind of social order we have come to understand that there is power in imposing one's will over others.  Out of these kinds of social orders we have had centuries of war, suppression, class distinctions, hatred, turmoil, greed and planetary destruction. In [...]

Sacred Feminine

Today (March 8th) is celebrated as International Woman's Day all over the world and as I realized what day it is it caused me to reflect on being female.  For many life times I have chosen to incarnate into the female body and energy - seeming to have much to learn as a soul through this avenue.  So I have experienced what it is like to be female in many different times in Earth's history. Millenia ago there were Goddess religions thriving in many places [...]

What You Might Call Karma

In writing about past life memories it was apparent that there was more to say about past lives and the healing that may be needed as we move from life time to life time.  I have seen in myself and in most of my past life regression clients that there are difficult experiences that are encountered that leaves long lasting imprints in soul energy.  If in the life that the energy imprinting occurred there is not the opportunity or the choice to heal, then this [...]

The Story Behind the Story

After many years spent in meditation practice I began having information surface that was clearly glimpses of past life experiences.  Over time I have been able to follow the thread of the most significant stories to their conclusions.  In this process I came to understand the lessons the soul was seeking by immersing in a particular life journey. Receiving this information changed my perspective about my current life from an ego journey into a search for what the soul's purpose was in selecting this particular [...]

Living In Gratitude

There were many years in my life that I was actively engaged in healing and transforming wounds of my own past.  During those years of re-examining memories of past events, the energies of being wounded, and bringing to the surface the unexpressed painful emotions, it was difficult to live in a daily space filled with gratitude.  There were many times that I wondered why all these difficulties had befallen me in one short life time.  I was in wounded, victim mode.  However, through time and [...]

Core of Grace

"The coming to consciousness is not a discovery of some new thing; it is a long and painful return to that which has always been." Each of us is born with a core of grace - a center that is always free of human concerns, worries, fears, ambitions, etc.  It is from this central core that comes peace, love and light.  Religions and psychology have many names for this central core, but I will call it the Soul.  To come into awareness of this central [...]

The Energy of Being-ness

Energy is the building block of creation in the multiverse.  All things made manifest are created with energy which is vibrating at various frequencies, enhanced with information and organized into form.  The slower the vibration, and less complex the information, the simpler the form manifest.  The human form is no exception, it is a rather complex cohesion of cooperative energy and information that is then powered at its core by soul energy.  As such it is important to view ourselves from the perspective of an [...]


My Funk & Wagnalls Standard Dictionary defines meditation as the process of "engaging in continuous and contemplative thought; to muse; to ponder".  Looking at meditation in a strictly scientific view - it is the process of consciously engaging the cycle activity in the brain.  Depending on the kind of activity we are engaged in will determine the brain wave frequency experienced. *Beta brainwaves are characterized by logical, analytical thinking, verbal communication, awareness of the outside surroundings.  The daily problem solving  kind of brain activity.  Left [...]


Within the human form of each of us is this great dichotomy - the duality of the soul which is timeless, encompasses soul history and memory and is connected to "all that is", and the ego which is linear, time bound and only has the awareness of the current life. One of the great awakenings in life is coming to the realization that there is more than one thing going on which influences our life experience.  It is relatively easy to hear the voice of the ego [...]

Change….Part Two

After writing and posting about change more thoughts came - so now I am adding part two to the discussion. I realize that while some changes that happen in life are sought after and welcome - marriage, children, job promotions, new house or car, etc.  These kind of changes are relatively easily navigated through, may require some adjustments - but are mostly joyful. There are times in life that changes happen that are outside of our ego's realm of control, come unbidden, unexpected and can be [...]


As has become my habit now for many years I write a Christmas message to my children and enclose it with their gift.  In looking back over 2011 it became clear to me that there had been a significant amount of change occurring - for me personally, my family members, friends, clients and students.  Change processes were not only in my circle of personal contact, but in my community, country and in the world at large as well.  It is very evident that we are [...]

Soul Light Path Blog Launch

Unexpected, and unbidden last year I received communication from a web radio broadcast company. It piqued my I returned both the e-mail and phone contacts that had been made to me. After some playing tag back and forth we did finally connect to discuss the particulars of what was being offered. As it turned out they were offering me the opportunity to host a radio show on their spiritual channel. After some deliberation on the specifics of the offer....I subsequently did decline. However, in [...]


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