The human form is the vehicle with which we experience the journey of life. As we traverse through life we encounter experiences that cause wounds to our heart, mind and spirit which create stress and contraction in the body. When we encounter conflict, stress, reminders of our wounds, we begin to contract in habitual ways, building up “armoring” in the body. Body work therapies can play an important role in assisting with the release of body tension and restoring balance and calm.

The body is the message giver – reminding us through tension and pain that we are holding contraction. The body asks us to look deeper into the cause of our discomfort which may be mental, emotional or spiritual so the root cause can be healed and the body released of its uncomfortable contraction.

In ancient times touch therapies were the medicine used to cure the body of its maladies. Today, with an expansive variety of approaches, body work still is effective and beneficial in maintaining the body in an optimal state of health.

Integrating body work therapies with energy modalities and soul regression work can have a multi-level effect on releasing long held patterns in the body, mind and spirit and bring healing on all levels and advancement in our journey. If you are interested in scheduling a session or are in need of specific information, please contact me.