From the quantum physics point of view, all things consist of energy vibrating at various frequencies.  Solid matter is energy moving at slower frequency rates.  This paradigm permits us to view human beings as networks of complex, interrelated energy fields that interface with the physical body on every level.  The human form consists of multi-layers of energy frequencies that travel around and through the denser form that we call the physical form.  Each layer has a purpose in supporting and manifesting the physical human.


The supporting layers are comprised of energy fields moving both in and around the human body.  There is the central channel which supports and contains the chakra system, there is the physical body which contains the meridian channels, the etheric body, the astral  (emotional) body , the mental body, and causal body and  the soul energy or consciousness that are embodied in and around the physical form.  Any disturbance in the energy flow that supports the physical form can manifest as physical, mental or emotional discomfort or disease processes.  As we are beings of energy, it follows that we can be affected by energy.


Many ancient health philosophies have viewed the body as an energetic form and have focused their healing approach on restoring energy balance in the physical form.  For thousands of years Oriental healing modalities have sought to heal through restoring balance to the body through effecting change in the meridian flows  through the use of acupuncture, acupressure, herbal remedies, etc.  Other philosophies have focused on the chakra system which is a system of seven on-body chakras or energy centers, each of which holds the pattern for various aspects of human development, growth and balance.  Restoring balance to the chakra system improves overall health and well-being.  From an indigenous view all things in nature possess energy qualities that can be utilized in bringing balance and healing whenever an imbalance is found that manifests as disease.   An extension of this philosophy is the use of color therapy, stones (including crystals), flower essences, aroma therapy, geometric patterning, sound therapy, etc. to heal the body and surrounding energy fields.


Another approach to energy healing is through direct hands-on contact with the energy practitioner who draws healing energy to the client to restore balance, calm the nervous system and release constrictive energy patterns.   Examples of this type of energy healing are Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, aura clearings and other laying-on-of hands healing modalities.


Consciousness itself, as a form of energy manifest in the human body, plays a role in health and balance in the physical form.  It is this higher spiritual impetus which drives the biological evolutionary process itself.  Soul consciousness is projected in the human form for the purpose of gaining experience, knowledge and spiritual maturity.  Energy patterns form in each life incarnation and those patterns which may still need completing come with us into our current lifetime.  So collectively there may be energy patterns we are conscious of and those that we are less aware of that affect our life today.  Bringing balance to the body / mind / soul connection cannot be overlooked as a significant energy component to overall health and sense of well being.


The options in energy practice are many and varied, however all energy work therapies can be useful in improving  physical, mental and emotional  health by bringing balance to the energy systems that support the full human form.  They can also assist in the body/mind/spiritual aspect by releasing long held patterns, integrating information and raising overall energy levels.  Energy modalities can also be very useful when used in conjunction with other healing approaches.

Energy Healing