Jewish Woman

I had been having a migraine headache with the accompanying symptoms and decided to follow the pain and heaviness in the body to connect to a past life.  So, as I sat in meditation and cleared my energy I began to see myself in a life as a Jewish woman living in Poland just prior to the second world war breaking out.  I come from a middle class family and have married well enough and have a home, nice things and life is good.  I [...]

Sea Voyager

I sit in meditation and ask to see another aspect of soul energy that will bring more awareness about my soul journey.  I see myself at the landing pad and start to see and feel myself as an adult male on a ship at sea.  I enter the temple and am seated and the images continue to show me that I am the captain of a ship that travels to many interesting places on the planet for the sake of exploration.  It is at the [...]

Misunderstood & Misfit

I sat in meditation and I asked to see another past life and started seeing scenes from a life where I am male - very large and considered dumb.  It seems that I am unable to speak, am lumbering and awkward and thought to not be able to learn.  I can see that we live in a more ancient time - middle ages - and my family lives in a rural setting - they are farmers.  We are not very well off, but do sustain [...]

Roman Soldier

I sit in meditation, clear my energy and start to notice how heavy my body feels - heavy and tired - body and soul.  I start to see myself as a man in a cave lying wounded and dying.  I feel the clothing of a Roman soldier on my body and start to see scenes from the life as a Roman centurion.  I see that I came from humble beginnings and that as a child I was not readily accepted by other children.  As I [...]

Last Year’s Soul Work

Toward the end of each year I sit in meditation and ask what my soul work for the coming year should be.  This blog is actually a result of my soul asking me to write as part of soul expression.  In the fall of 2013 I had several clients that came to see me to do energy work and spontaneously the sessions became deep and profound work in integration.  This happened as I was starting to turn my attention to my soul work for 2014. [...]

Winter Reflections

We are at that time of the year when there is the least light and the days are the shortest.  It is for me a time of inward reflection and formulating my intention for the coming year.  I look at several areas of my life to set intention for change, growth and betterment.  These usually include personal relationships, spiritual growth, my healing practice and continuing my own personal healing. I look at the last year and evaluate what growth was like for me and how [...]

Dog With A Bone

I have had some situations come up in client sessions recently that caused me to reflect on how willingly the ego/personality part of us can latch onto a difficult life situation and not want to let it go. These situations are usually around their closest personal relationships. There ensues an on-going rehash of the situation - how it should have not happened this way, what can I do to reverse the outcome, why would anyone treat me this way, etc., etc., etc.  The inner dialogue [...]


I recently had a conversation with one of my children who was commenting on how long it had been since a particular event had occurred in their lives. It led to a discussion of how it is sometimes difficult to wrap your head around how it could be that so much time has elapsed from a particular event.  It seems to be true for all of us that there are times that it seems that earlier events in our lives happened just yesterday and at [...]

Making Time To Breathe

There are times in my life (and I would guess in yours as well) where I have booked myself so full of things that occupy my time that I can barely find the time to catch my breath.  It seems that life is full of these times of busy-ness and it can become a way of daily living that can pull us out of balance.  I know that Spirit and my own Soul energy often are the root of providing the opportunity to fill my [...]

New Heights

There are some life experiences that are of such a spiritual magnitude that it affords us the opportunity to reach new heights.  The view from these high, spiritually connected places allows us to expand our view and to feel from a new and different perspective.  I recently had such an experience - it was entered into with the thought of needing to hold spiritual space for another to do their work.  But in the process those of us who were holding space and doing the [...]

Thought Forms

I recently had the privilege of working with a client that clearly showed me the power of long held thought forms and patterns.  It has led me to reflect on how powerful the mind is at interpreting our individual world based on the programmed thought patterns that form our inner world and become our outer experience as well. Being human we all are imprinted with thought patterns - beliefs, judgements, opinions, etc. that come from our caretakers as children and then added to by friends, [...]

Iron Filings & Magnets

A magnet is an object that has a magnetic field.  This field will draw certain material to the magnet by the strong attraction of the magnetic field that it possesses.  I remember as a child playing with magnets and iron filings in school and making a game of using the iron filings to make images with the magnets. If you were to equate iron filings with unresolved emotions that we accumulate in our "bucket" of things we need to address and dump, and an activating [...]


You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something you love or hate about yourself. When we have an emotional reaction as we relate to others it truly is about ourselves and not about anyone else. How we think shows through in how we act and react. Attitudes are mirrors of the mind - they are reflections of our thinking. So the people we are in relationships with are always a mirror, reflecting back to us our own beliefs, and simultaneously [...]

Sadness and Joy

This is the time of year when I find that I, and many others, are affected by the lack of sunshine, cold, being housebound, etc. which can lead to a sense of sadness and depression.  If you happen to be prone to such feelings as these anyway, then this time of year tends to bring out and heighten these emotions.  So if life has already given you reasons to be sad and you haven't done your work to heal these feelings, then this time of [...]

Ego Mind Chatter

I have clients who have great difficulty with the constant stream of chatter from the time bound, earth plane, ego part of their brain.  I call this part of our brain the "small mind".  Small mind tends to have a very loud compelling voice if left to its own devices.  It is all about protecting itself, even to the point of twisting its version of perception.  It is fear based and tends to send negative inner self dialogue.  If left unchecked in the least it [...]

Becoming Unoffendable

It seems to be a lifelong process realizing the importance of becoming unoffendable.  Many things occur in our life that may cause us to be offended.  But, what does it mean to be offended?  Being offended usually refers to an emotional state or reaction that occurs when someone says or does something that is contrary to our sensibilities or our concept of right or fair.  The level of offense taken may be measured by the depth of emotional connection with the person who has done [...]

Revisiting The Past

Sometimes unexpected twists and turns in our life journey cause us to take the time to revisit some of the pages of our past.  This seems to be happening for me and others in my family this year and has given me cause to reflect on what it means to return to our history and take another look at past events with older, perhaps wiser eyes. I believe this kind of reflection happens to many as life scenarios unfold that call us to return to [...]

Four Life Questions

With time, healing, accepting responsibility for our lives and with the grace and wisdom that comes from maturing there comes a time that each of us must ask and seek answers to four basic questions: 1.  Who am I?  This is the basic question that asks us to look beyond our physicality and ego and find who we really are at our core being.  When we have found the answer to this question it changes everything.  When we are not sure of who we are, [...]

Trusting The Flow

We all have a life that is currently in progress and our ego mind has a sure idea of how it thinks our life should unfold.  It also tends to fret and worry when there is uncertainty or when there are obstacles that seem to loom in our path - even when we may have created these obstacles.  We also tend to fall into emotional traps when life as we thought it should be or wanted it to be, just isn't materializing the way we [...]

Parenting Self

Recently I wrote a blog post about being a parent and this led to my pondering on the skills of being a parent that don't just apply to our children, but to ourselves as well.  If you have been fortunate enough to have had great parents then perhaps you learned how to parent yourself through example from them.  However, if you perhaps are among those that did not have a strong, positive example of parenting in your own parents then learning to parent yourself may [...]